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Moisturising and energising body wash collection. Body cleanser products formulated for your skin type.
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Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

Hydrating rose-infused body wash to soothe the skin and the senses.


Neroli And Grapefruit Body Wash

Uplifting, hydrating body wash.


Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash

Energising shower gel. In a 100% recycled bottle.



Moroccan Rose Otto Indulgent Body Duo

Hydrating body wash and lotion to help soothe the skin and relax the senses.

£60.00 £45.00


Moroccan Rose Otto Blissful Bath Duo

A duo of Moroccan Rose-scented Bath Oil and Body Oil

£73.00 £55.00


Moroccan Rose Otto Radiant Body Duo

Reviving body polish and oil to help soothe the skin and relax the senses.

£78.00 £63.00

About the collection

REN's clean body wash collection has body wash that is moisturising, smoothing and energising. If you want an uplifting shower or bubble bath experience, we've got you covered with shower gel and body soap alike. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin, REN’s products are formulated with ingredients for your skin type. Ditch the basic bar soap and upgrade your skincare routine to REN's body cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals, sulfates, and limit skin irritation when you choose our moisturising body wash and cleanser options. Our best clean body wash and shower gel boast a light rose fragrance and neroli invigorating scent, contain ingredients derived from natural sources like coconut, and are produced with a clean planet in mind.

Lather on our Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Ocean Plastic Body Wash - a shower gel formulated with moisturising ingredients and natural body wash packaged in a recycled ocean plastic bottle. REN's moisturising body wash will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Our other clean body wash favorites are packed with essential oil formulas, including our Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash - a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin with a rose fragrance, and Neroli And Grapefruit Body Wash - a liquid body wash that's formulated with naturally-derived ingredients. REN’s body washes are designed for a majority of skin types, including sensitive skin, dry skin, or combination. Limit the harsh chemicals that can further skin irritation and focus on better skin care with our natural body wash.

Shop our clean body wash and shower gel collection for products that'll leave skin feeling clean and soothed with a light and creamy lather, as well as a refreshing scent.

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